Why this website?

Homoeopathy is misrepresented and misunderstood in Pakistan. Misleading advertisements through the print and electronic media by some money-hungry homoeopaths claiming to have a cure for every disease have distorted its true face. Lately, some homoeopathic pharmaceutical companies have also joined the advertisement galore and the latest trend among them to market and promote their products through false claims has made the situation even worse. Added to this are the myths, notions and misconceptions about the effectiveness and practice of homoeopathy, obscuring its true potential.

This website seeks to present homoeopathy in a fair manner – the way it is and not the way it is being depicted or has come to be misunderstood in Pakistan – through short write-ups reviewing its salient featuresscope and limitations. In the process, an attempt has also been made to identify the corrupt practices of some of its practitioners and manufacturing companies and provide guidance to the people considering taking homoeopathic treatment on how to get the best from this medical science.