Taking an informed approach to homoeopathy

Before consulting a homoeopath, you must know some basic facts about homeopathy to get the most of your consultation.

A good reading of the write-ups, links to which appear on the left of this page, will certainly enhance your understanding of homoeopathy and how it is applied.

Most of the homeopaths in Pakistan refuse to give names of the medicines they prescribe. It is usually for considerations other than the good of the patient. Always insist on having the name of the prescribed medicine(s) on each visit. This will ensure that no mixtures or combinations have been prescribed. If in future, you decide to change the homoeopath, this information will be much appreciated by your new homoeopath.

If your homoeopath prescribes only the medicines of a particular company, there might be something fishy and you might get a low quality product for a higher price. To be sure, ask the homoeopath about its price and whether it was absolutely necessary to buy the product of the company he recommends? Would the product of any other company not work? Secondly, be wary about overprescribing and unnecessary tests. If your homoeopath recommends some medical tests, ask him, if it was absolutely necessary to undergo the tests? Also ask, why a test is needed and how can it help you?

Taking an informed approach increases the likelihood of getting the best care at the minimum cost as there will be no over-prescribing and/or unnecessary pathological tests, etc.

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