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Homeopathic therapeutics for kidney related problems

Homeopathy has effective medicines for conditions ranging from stones in the kidneys (renal calculi) to renal insufficiency. In the lines that follow, some commonly-met kidney related problems and the number of homeopathic remedies indicated in such conditions are given to show the vastness of homeopathic therapeutics in renal problems. Nephritis (inflammation of kidneys) (133 remedies) Bleeding (haematuria) (174 remedies) (Complete) Degeneration (35 remedies) (Complete) Stones (64 remedies) Pyelonephritis (143 remedies) Suppression of urine (101 remedies) Retention of urine (164 remedies) Addison’s disease (43 remedies) Hydronephrosis Continue reading →

Homeopathy in kidney related disorders

One area where homeopathy should be given acknowledgement and recognition by the government in general and the medical profession in particular relates to the diseases of the kidneys. Homeopathy can help avoid surgeries and other mechanical methods of treatment. Even in advanced cases of renal insufficiency, homeopathy can help reduce the frequency of dialysis. Resort to surgery and other mechanical methods in treating kidney problems is quite common in Pakistan. This is not to deny the importance of surgery and other methods such as URS, Continue reading →

Oligospermia Testimonial

Mr. G. M. is a lecturer with a government college. In January 2006, he placed himself under homoeopathic treatment for Oligospermia. In the following testimonial, he acknowledges, how homeopathy helped. In Pakistan, remaining childless for some years after marriage becomes a favourite topic among relatives. Starting with whispers, the din becomes louder with passing years and usually, it is the wife who is considered responsible for the situation. But in our case, my wife was okay. My tests showed, I had Oligospermia. Different laboratories showed Continue reading →

Why homoeopathy?

Homeopathy offers highly effective and safe health solutions for a wide range of diseases. Even some of those diseases for which no help is available with other systems of medicine can be effectively treated with homeopathy. Homeopathy also has a history of successfully treating a number of cases where surgery was imminent. Most of the people prefer homeopathy to other modes of treatment because the treatment Continue reading →

Want to avoid surgery?

Saved from being subjected to an unnecessary surgery! The testimonial of Professor Badruz Zaman of the Federal Urdu University, Karachi, below, shows, how at times the orthodox medicine (Allopathy) could fail in properly diagnosing a case despite using modern diagnostic tools. On the other hand, how homoeopathy relying on the signs and symptoms of the patient as a guide to establishing a diagnosis can afford relief. Continue reading →