Recurring cyst disappears under homoeopathic treatment

I am sick of doctors, particularly if they are surgeons, too. This sickness has not come suddenly. First, it was just a lack of liking for them, gradually evolving  over years into what it is now.

Often I wonder, why do doctors – particularly the so-called specialists – charge so high a fee when they can accomplish nothing. Do they charge for making the case worse as they did in my case? I think, there should be legislation binding the doctors to refund the cost of treatment to the patient if they fail to provide him any relief.

I had a cyst at my chest. It was of the size of a  pea – highly itching and slightly painful. Medicines failed to give any relief and the cyst kept on increasing in size and finally the doctor advised me to undergo a minor surgical procedure. That was about one and a half years back.  At that time I knew little about homeopathy.  Barely, six months after the operation came back the cyst. The doctor was unable to give any plausible explanation and suggested one more procedure but was evasive when asked to give a firm assurance that the cyst won’t come back. I consulted another doctor but the cyst did not yield to his treatment either. To cut it short, the cyst was once again excised but within less than six months, a new one appeared slightly away from the sites of the earlier two. The scars left by the previous incisions had become inflamed, itchy and painful to touch. By then, I had fully realized the futility of surgical excision and one can guess the extent of my frustration.

Someone advised me to try homeopathy. I had heard about homeopathy in the past but it was said to be a slow treatment but there was no better choice left.

The Arambagh area of Karachi has a number of homoeopathic clinics. It was out of sheer good luck, that I chose to consult Dr. Ahmad Fakir Muhammad.

Dr. Fakir diagnosed it as a badly treated keloid made worse through two-time surgical intervention.  He congratulated me, saying I was lucky to have it back, the other possibility could have been its shifting to internal organs and that would have been really bad.

Homeopathy is said to act slowly. Keeping that in mind, as also my sour experience of the doctors, I asked Dr. Fakir about the duration of treatment. He said that the duration differed from patient to patient. It might take somewhere between one to six months. But fortunately, the new growth disappeared within 16 days! The scars also lost reddishness and were no more sensitive to touch.

My wife and a daughter have also benefited from Dr. Fakir’s treatment. I think, homoeopathy is capable of offering a lot to successfully treat the “ill-treated” cases.

Muhammad Ashraf Azeem

One thought on “Recurring cyst disappears under homoeopathic treatment

  • Mahmood

    I have a head bump/lump from last ten years. Now it has grown and I think creating pressure in my head. It may be 5cm in size and is on right side of my head 2 inches above my ear.

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