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Thank you for a reminder. The delay was because I wanted to give a detailed reply.

Psoriasis is one of the most defiant medical problems. Cases of recent origin have a good chance of being cured. Chronic cases (as yours) have less chance. My experience with treating Psoriasis patients has been one of quite disappointment. Of the 12-15 patients that I have seen over the past ten years, only one was cured. Most patients did not come back after first consultation. Only two continued treatment for more than 3 months. One (a case of only 1 ½ years standing in a patient of 18 years) was cured and the other (a case of 22 years standing in a patient of 37 years) did not improve a bit.

Now to your case. An initial reading points to some 20 plus remedies. A detailed study will bring the list down to 3 to 7 remedies. In the process, I will ask you a few questions in order to have a clearer picture of the case and then select the most suitable remedy from amongst the group of final 3-7 remedies. Whether you will benefit from homoeopathy or not cannot be predicted at this stage; that will largely depend on how your body responds to the selected medicine. If you are currently using any medicines that will have to be discontinued, including any creams. That may lead to some exacerbation of your condition for sometime to be followed by amelioration. I propose, you should give a period of three months to homoeopathy to see if it works in your case. That would need a lot of patience from your end.

My services are not free but I will not charge you my consultation fee, In shaa Allah, because you live in Madina, the city of the Prophet (Sallalahu alaihe waalehi wassallam); however, you will have to procure the prescribed medicine(s) on your own because it is not my practice to dispatch medicines for overseas patients.

If you agree to the above and feel inclined to have my treatment, I can go about the exercise of selecting the most suitable remedy in your case.

Ahmad Fakir Muhammad, Homoeopath

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    Please see a good homeopath in your city. Certainly, homeopathy will help manage your case more efficiently and without side effects.

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