Oligospermia Testimonial

Mr. G. M. is a lecturer with a government college. In January 2006, he placed himself under homoeopathic treatment for Oligospermia. In the following testimonial, he acknowledges, how homeopathy helped.

In Pakistan, remaining childless for some years after marriage becomes a favourite topic among relatives. Starting with whispers, the din becomes louder with passing years and usually, it is the wife who is considered responsible for the situation.

But in our case, my wife was okay. My tests showed, I had Oligospermia. Different laboratories showed different sperm counts and different treatment options were suggested but I opted for homeopathy under Dr. Fakir’s care.

Dr. Fakir carefully went through my case, saw my reports and suggested a course of treatment. I remained under his treatment for about four months from January 16, 2006 to May 12, 2006. And immediately after the last visit, my wife was able to conceive.

Another interesting aspect of homeopathic treatment in my case was permanence of the treatment. The second child was born without my undergoing any further treatment.

Homeopathy is a great success in the treatment of Oligospermia. I have personally seen this happening in almost all the cases referred by me to Dr. Fakir.