Miracles of homeopathy

Mr. Mansoor A. Sheikh, Advocate, records his testimony about the effectiveness of homoeopathic treatment.

By profession I am a practicing lawyer. In the year 1994 I had come to know about the miracles of Homeopathy treatment through some of my friends, who were cured with homeopathy treatments and used to discuss about various medicines of homeopathy.

By these discussions I developed my interest in homeopathy and started reading books about it.

First I experienced about this treatment when my mother had got liver carcinoma and she was cured to a large extent with this treatment. Her carcinoma was reduced substantially and all allopathic doctors were astonished how it has reduced.

Of late, I myself had got severe pain in my stomach and despite several pain killer injections and other allopathic medicines, pain could not be relieved. Eventually, on referral from a friend,  I consulted Dr. Ahmad Fakir Muhammad, Homeopathic doctor, who after taking my history prescribed a homeopathic medicine.

It is unbelievable that a single dose relieved my 50% pain and subsequent doses completely cured my disease. Again I got similar pain attack after three months and I rushed to Dr. Ahmad Fakir who gave me only two doses and I immediately got relief. Since then I have no complaint of such pain. It is my firm belief that homeopathic medicines, if prescribed according to the symptoms of patients, work very quick.

Mansoor A. Sheikh
M/s Usmani & Iqbal & Company
Advocates High Court & Supreme Court