I have acne/pimples. I wonder, if you could help me?

I live in the USA and do not have a homoeopath nearby. What should I do to receive your treatment?

Thank you for your interest in homoeopathy. In a great number of cases, homoeopathy has not only successfully treated acne but also removed the scars left by it to the delight of the sufferer. However, the law of individualization also applies here. The best medicine for any condition, as also stated somewhere else, differs from case to case as the remedy is not selected for the disease name but for the patient as a whole taking into account the striking symptoms and modalities of his/her problem(s) as well as personal characteristics. In one case of acne, Antimonium crudum may work but in the other it may not do any good and Kalium bromatum may help. Yet in the third case, the patient may not benefit from any of the two and may need Causticum, Echinacea, Sepia, Sulphur or Pulsatilla or any other remedy according to the particular indications and personal characteristics.

You may like to consult me through e-mail. If so, I can send you details about what I would need to know about you and your complaint in order to prescribe a suitable remedy.