I have a tendency to get warts. Can homoeopathy help?

I have tried several methods, including cauterization and freezing with liquid nitrogen but they come back. Does homoeopathy have a solution?

Yes, by the grace of Allah.

Thuja, Dulcamara, Acid nit, Causticum, Natrum sulph, Sabina are a few of a long list of homoeopathic remedies used internally to effectively remove and prevent recurrence of warts.

There are several types of warts – common,  flat-surfaced,  filiform, plantar, etc. Depending upon the type and locality, a homoeopath can prescribe a specific remedy for their removal. But please keep in mind, that not all warts are vulnerable to homoeopathic treatment. Some types are as defiant to homoeopathy as they could be under any system of medicine.

Homoeopathic mixtures available over the counter should be avoided as they rarely help and often complicate the problem.