Erectile Dysfunction

Hi Dr. Ahmad

I am writing this to seek your help regarding my problem of Erectile Dysfunction.

I am 26 year old, having recently got married. After marriage, I have realized that my sexual stamina is very weak. Initially, I was not even able to involve in sexual activity, because, when I tried to do so, I used to get discharged immediately. I was having erection problem accompanied by Premature Ejaculation.

I got an appointment with a General Physician, He examined me and told that there appears to be no physical problem. It is more linked to psychological issues. He recommended me Viagra tablets (half) 2-3 times a week. After using these tablets I was able to enjoy my married life. I am also using Damiaplant Drops, which I had searched over the internet myself.

But I don’t want to use such tablets for longer period. I don’t have any erection problem to that extent nowadays though, but I face Premature Ejaculation. Which is some how linked to erection problems I believe. Because sometimes I get full tight erection and I am able to last a bit longer and feel more control over my ejaculation.

Keeping all things above in mind, can you please recommend me some homeopathic medicine to treat my problem of erectile dysfunction. I shall be very thankful.



Dear Atif,

I would advise you not to go for OTC products and/or self-medication. Instead, please see a good homoeopath in your city.

There are more than 130 medicines affecting erection and its quality, ranging from inability to achieve an erection to incomplete and short-lived erections. The number of medicines indicated in premature ejaculation is around 55.

Selection of a remedy varies from individual to individual depending up on a number of factors, including his physical and psychological make-up. The homoeopath after hearing your case, would prescribe a remedy most suited to your case.

Only last week, a grateful patient, having problems in properly performing his marital responsibilities, sent me a testimonial which is available on my website and, if you like, you can read it to enhance your understanding of the problem.

Ahmad Fakir Muhammad, Homoeopath