Homeopathy helped my performance in bed

I am a male of thirty-five years of age – married in last July. Performance in bed became a challenge for me from the first day – while I was totally unaware of sexual weakness. All I knew about men then was: they could either be potent or impotent and there was nothing in between. That is either you can have erections or you cannot. However, this kind of prejudicial thinking met a severe blow, when I came to know of terms, after seven months of marriage, ‘Sexual weakness’ and “Erectile Dysfunction”. I knew from my research that I was sexually weak and therefore could not sustain erections even for a minimum amount of sexual activity.

I thought previously that I was weak due to a lack of aphrodisiac food intakes that every man should have for a few months before getting married. In my case, I had to take aphrodisiac food before getting married for one simple reason that I was going to marry at the starting point of mid-life that is 35 years of age. Furthermore, knowing about being sexually weak was not easy for me mentally, as it was difficult to digest.

It was very important to choose right option and right doctor to cure the disease; yes sexual weakness is a disease that requires to be cured like any other disease. The crucial point of my decision was whether I should opt for allopathic or homeopathic treatment. I opted for the latter. While searching for a knowledgeable and experienced homeopathic doctor in Karachi, I came upon Dr. Ahmad Fakir Muhammad’s website. While reading his introduction, I thought, “he is the man I am looking for”, and with blessings of Almighty Allah, I made a right choice and was not disappointed.

One of the fine attributes of Dr. Fakir is that he listens to his patients very carefully and for ample time – somewhere between half an hour to an hour or so. Following the prescription, I felt an improvement from the very first day. I used his prescription for a week and on next visit informed him of improved erections, lasting for hours during nights. This brought a satisfied smile to his face and he advised me to discontinue the prescription as I did not need any more medicine. This was a surprise to me as I had thought, it might take months to cure the problem, but fortunately, that was not the case.

I thank Almighty Allah who created kind doctors like Ahmad Fakir Muhammad. I pray and wish for his well-being.
T.A.S., Karachi, March 2, 2018