Can homeopathy help avoid dialysis in Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)?

Homeopathy might help if the kidney function is 50% or more. An early intervention coupled with diet, exercise and lifestyle change might be of help.

Homeopathy might not be of help in the end-stage kidney failure. But if used as an auxiliary measure, it might help reduce the frequency of dialysis i.e. increase the gap between dialysis sessions.

Side by side with homoeopathy, diet, exercise and lifestyle change are essential.

Homoeopathy can help slow down CKD. Diet, exercise and lifestyle change are essential.

Symptoms of kidney failure are: feeling dehydrated, fatigue, lethargy, swelling, shortness of breath, confusion, dullness, nausea, vomiting, dry skin, etc.

Here are some case reports from my practice

Chronic kidney disease 

15-06-2015  (Case No. 1)
Mr. MA 54 years
Having suffered for 30 years with kidney stones and chronic kidney disease, the patient had been advised to undergo kidney transplant.
According to the narration of the patient, he had the tendency to form calculi (stones) in right kidney. First surgery was in 1992 for right ureter stone which measured about 1.5 cm. DJ stent planted in 1993 and several lithotripsy sessions at Taj Medical Complex and Ziauddin Hospital. According to the reports, DJ stent was replaced in 2005-2006 and removed on March 31, 2015. In the meantime, he also underwent PNCL (PCNL is a procedure to remove stones). On chemical analysis, one surgically removed stone showed its composition as 66% calcium oxalate, 15% calcium phosphate, 06% cystine and 07% organic material.
According to the reports, Left kidney is fine and functions at 86.9%, compensating for the under-functioning right kidney (13.1%)
and finally he was advised to have his right kidney removed.
During a period of 11 months, there were 7 visits, the patient generally felt better, quality of his sleep improved. The laboratory values of uric acid, creatinine, urea, etc, ranged between normal and slightly above normal. If there was indiscretion in food, the values increased but afterwards came down.
Result: Homeopathy effectively helped to manage the problem

Case No. 2

Post-renal transplantation problems

Miss FQ 18 years
Underwent kidney transplant procedure in Islamabad in 2011. Her father volunteered to donate his right kidney.
Prior to her birth, mother had undergone tubal ligation, which was undone later
Had shrunk left kidney at birth
After the transplant, has been doing well but has recently got elevated Creatinine levels. The current reading is 5.5.
Elevated creatinine, urea, uric acid, levels, Urine D/R reports shows Blood occult ++, Red cells 10-12, Leucoctyes 8-10 Swelling face, upper parts of the body, legs, nodes different parts, constipation, pain joints, obesity
Feels heated, Bathes three or four times a day
The patient remained under my treatment for three months and her general condition including swelling and nodes improved a great deal but her seral values did not.
Result: Homeopathy did not help

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