A case of enlarged prostate and prolapsus ani in a 56 year old patient

This case shows, how homeopathy can help manage a complicated case like the one appearing in the following lines.

The patient visited first in October 2005 and continued visiting on and off until August 2013 for management of his problems which, according to the doctors he had consulted in the past, had no solution except surgery.

He had an enlarged prostate, urination was painful, had to wait 10-12 minutes before the flow started, urine was burning, had pain root of urethra, urinary frequency was increased at night. Had great difficulty passing last part of the urine. He  had fused kidneys that were situated on the left side.

He also had proctoptosia, commonly known as prolapsus ani. As he sat down to pass urine and attempted to start the flow, the anus came down. Just as, he felt, the flow was to start, he would suffer a cramp and the urine would not flow out. When he had this phase of the problem, there was a never-got-done feeling while passing stool, there was a sensation as if some remained back – however the cramp would disappear once he managed to pass the stool after great struggle. There also came a sensation as if the rectum would come out. At times, there was simultaneous urge for urine and stool and in such an eventuality, passed little stool on every attempt to make urine.

A worrying factor for him was discharge of mucous as many times as he went for urine. This made him worried as he felt this led to weakness. Sexual desire was lost. Pain right lumbar, every winter since the spinal surgery.

At times, he experienced cramps in bladder from pressure of flatus with urgent desire to urinate; urine would reach glans penis  and then  return;  with  violent pain and  spasms and  tenesmus  in rectum. Neuralgic dysuria. Glans painful on urinating. Would press a long time before urine appeared. Pulsating pudendum.  Stream of urine thin like a thread or forked.

There were also times, when the patient felt as if no disease existed.

Acute problems as and when occurred during the course of treatment were treated homeopathically.

The above is a summary of a long case stretching well over seven and a half years and the case file typed in single space runs into 31 full-scape pages. I wish to prepare an edited account of some visits for its educative value and also for guidance of homeopaths provided I receive enough requests to do so. The abridged and edited case-file will be e-mailed free of cost. Only real homeopaths should write to Dr. Fakir. No trolls please.