A large ovarian cyst disappears under homeopathic treatment

A case selected from Dr. Fakir’s electronic case-file of 2002

Names of the patient and the medicines have been withheld for ethical reasons.

The case below amply shows the effectiveness of homeopathy in what appeared to be a purely surgical case. The case was referred by a senior colleague who himself was unable to attend as he was leaving for Canada.

Mrs. A.I.,  29   years, consulted on April 24, 2002

73 kg on 04-05-02

Right ovarian cyst

Right ovary is not separately visualized. There is well-defined cystic area of 7.6 x 5.3 cm with multiple septations inside highly suggestive of right ovarian cyst


Finding consistent with Right ovarian cyst of 7.6 x 5.3 cm with multiple septations inside. Scan revealed normal Uterus and left ovary – Ultrasound report dated 06-10-2001

Continued sore pain (also describes it as a scraping sensation)– hepatic region – worse exertion, cannot lie on the right side, cannot lie on the back

Her complaints started after the caesarian birth of her first (and so far the only) child who        is now 4 when after fifth month of his birth the menses were re-established with increased quantity. However, the very next month, the quantity became scanty which, at that time, was attributed to her suckling the baby. The complaint of scanty menses continues till this day. Menses at times are regular and at times irregular but last barely for a few hours.

Other symptoms included: Headache frontal on alternate days, unbearable, better bandage, then feels good, cannot define the character of pain

Pain legs, tiredness

On and off gets low blood pressure,  vertigo, nausea,

NAUSEA ON SEEING DIRT, saliva from the mouth for the past three months,

Sprain of right leg, sudden, no further details

Feels sleepy in the morning, awakes several times at night


Gets easily exhausted on little exertion, wants to lie down as soon as possible, heavy perspiration even under two fans, likes winter, desire for and drinks cold water, goes without breakfast, as it causes nausea and heaviness of abdomen, and, at times, also vomiting

irritable, quick in expressing anger, sensitive, thinks about bad events

Has been vaccinated

Family history:

Nothing remarkable


Follow-up on 04-05-02


head sweating despite two fans

saliva from mouth – increased

numbness of hands on going to sleep during the day


Right-sided pain reduced by about 50%. 


Follow-up on 14-05-02

has improved. Now occasional pain. Pain today


Follow-up on 31-05-2002

Ultrasound report dated 29-05-02

Right ovary is not separately visualized but in right adenexa there is

large well defined cystic lesion in right adenexa with multiple septations inside measuring 12 x 8.8 cm highly suggestive of right ovarian cyst.



Scan showed large well defined cystic lesion in right adenexa with multiple septations inside measuring 12×8.8 cm highly suggestive of right ovarian cyst.

Scan revealed normal Uterus and left ovary



The test was done after six weeks of homoeopathic treatment.  The cyst had grown in mass. In the October 2001 report, the measurement of the cyst was 7.6 x 5.3 cm and in the report under question it was: 12×8.8 cm – an increase of 4.4×3.5 cm. But other symptoms had improved, including the pain. Why this anomaly?

The report shown to me at the start of the treatment on April 24 was of the situation that existed six months back and not of the current situation at the time of the consultation.  My mistake that I did not ask  for a fresh report. Obviously, the cyst had enlarged during the intervening period of six months and was even larger at that time than shown in the present report (29-05-02).

The patient was reluctant to have surgery as it would have meant removal of the ovary which would mean cessation of ovulation and hence no chance of conception in future (That was the patient’s thought, a woman with just one ovary can ovulate and conceive).

Anyway, to cut the story short, the patient was registered to undergo a surgery on July 13, 2002 with PNS Shifa Hospital. A pre-oophorectomy U/S scan dated 02-07-02 showed her cyst had disappeared!

A later scan on 08-08-2002

showed antiverted shape normal size. Measuring 6.8 x 4.9 x 3.1 cm. Endometrial cavity is identified by a bright lenear echo in the center. No fluid seen in cul-de-sac.


Right Ovary: 2.9 x 2.1 cm

Left Ovary : 2.7 x 1.2 cm

Both ovaries are of normal size and shape. No cyst or mass seen


Scan revealed normal uterus and ovaries.

No medicine, asked to visit after 2-3 months, if no conception takes place by then………

LESSON: Never trust an old report; always ask for a fresh one before starting the treatment in sensitive cases.


Second case of ovarian cyst from the  2002 file

Mrs. GA      Age?????????    Case No.  117/02

The case below belongs to the year 2004 but appears in the electronic file of 2002 because the patient had consulted in 2002 for some other complaint. According to the procedure at Dr. Fakir’s clinic, the later visits, no matter if they are taken 10 years later or even more, are recorded in the year-file of the patient’s first visit.




cutting pain – severe – rt side below navel – once a week – causing vomit – 6-7 – pain better lying on abdomen –  not known whether better by pressure or not?

eructation during the pain

irritability during the pain

appetite: variable

periods – late – last for six days


has had the trouble for the past two years but during the past two months it has increased in frequency as well as severity

fats aggravate




abdominal pain removed by the grace of Allah – at least no episode this week – pain both arms – and below elbows – worse exertion

menses – previous two menses delayed at least by a fortnight – a gynaecologist attributed it to anaemia




had a minor episode of the pain on 21-02-2004 and took Ponstan Fort which gave relief. The pain appeared immediately after the close of menses.


The earlier episodes also predominantly appeared at the close of the menses although such episodes were too frequent.




had a severe attack of the pain on February 26 – she had taken ……… 1M/1 the night prior to that – was it an aggravation?


The pain lasted for more than 24 hours and was severe – though not so severe as it used to be on previous occasions – but did not go off by itself and …………. 30C dissolved in water had to be taken at short intervals. This led to severe bouts of vomiting; with relief in pain.




ultrasound report datd 09-03-2004 shows:


a thin walled uniloculated cystic mass lesion measuring 3.9 cms x 2.6 cms is seen on the right side of the pelvis. It is consistent with a right ovarian cyst.



pain after the menses relatively less

allergy of eyes and feet and back – old symptom – used to take Tavalgin (anti-allergic tablet) which she has now stopped

tiredness with a desire to sleep (feels refreshed after sleep)



no pain by the grace of Allah since February 26.

Allergic symptoms have also lessened

Overexerts herself and gets tired and then gets angry. Fastidious, wants everything to be in order and clean

Wants to be busy



minor pain at the same place after close of menstruation. Lasted for 4-5 hours but it did not affect the daily chores and did not need any medication. There was also no headache and vomiting.

Pain calves at night



improvement continues by the grace of Allah. Since husband is leaving for Quetta to arrange a seminar, has come earlier than the due date to have a further supply of eight days’ medicine.

Advised to have sonography and bring it along on next visit


ultrasound dated 25-05-2004

antervertred normal uterus

both ovaries are normal. No cyst seen

no focal defect seen


had severe pain some 20 days back after eating Haleem and it did not disappear until she vomited several times to fully empty the stomach – then she felt better but the pain did not cease immediately but went away gradually.