My daughter cured of nasal and respiratory allergies with homeopathy!

Mr. Adeebullah, a civil engineer, relates how his daughter was relieved of asthma.

My daughter Saadia, now 4 years old,  weighed just 4 lbs at birth. She had a number of problems. She often would catch cold with constant cough, sneezing, runny nose, laboured breathing, elevated temperature. Later her respiratory allergy would become worse. Call it childhood asthma if you so like. With passage of time, the attacks became more and more frequent and I kept on running from one doctor to another.

I live in Karachi, work in Hub (Baluchistan) and my permanent residence is in Malakwal (Distt: Mandi Bahauddin). My family moves to Malakwal on Eidul Fitre every year for two weeks or more. I had noted that in Malakwal, she remained well but as soon as she returned to Karachi, the problem reappeared.

A colleague of mine, whose son had remained under the treatment of homoeopathic Dr. Ahmad Fakir Muhammad, advised me to consult him. I followed his advice.

The treatment continued for about 9½ months. There were occasional relapses and a few testing moments during this period but the improvement was steady. The frequent attacks of difficult breathing with almost non-stop cough became less and less frequent and my daughter continued to improve month after month.

As I write these lines, we are halfway through the winter, a time when asthma gets worse (she was so worse last winter), but by the grace of Allah, the Exalted, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful, Saadia has not suffered any serious attack this winter and not even a minor attack during the past more than two months.

Currently, she is taking no medicine, and according to Dr. Fakir, may not need any in future too for this complaint. However, he has strictly advised to observe dietary discretion till she turns 5.  May her recovery be permanent. Amen!

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