Credentials of a homoeopath

How can I know that a homoeopath is competent?

That is very difficult but the following hints will be helpful.

First, see what does he prescribe: single remedies or multi-ingredient medicines (i.e. combinations and mixtures) or both? Good homeopaths usually do not prescribe combinations and mixtures. Secondly, see how many single remedies he prescribes for a patient. A competent homeopath will prescribe one or two (single) remedies. Suspect his competence if he prescribes more than two single remedies. Thirdly, be wary if he uses lengthy initials or titles with his name. The only legal qualification recognized by the National Council for Homeopathy is D.H.M.S. Those with a qualification of D.H.M.S. are registered with the National Council for Homoeopathy and entitled to use initials “R.H.M.P.” that stand for Registered Homoeopathic Medical Practitioner. Other initials or titles are just showpieces meant to attract and impress patients. Fourthly, see how much time does he give to each patient. Initial visits to experienced homeopaths may take from 20 minutes to an hour in chronic cases. Subsequent visits may take 10-30 minutes. In acute cases, he may take 5-15 minutes. It is possible to schedule less time than the above under some extraordinary circumstances but that is the exception not the rule.