Childhood asthma

Homoeopathy in childhood asthma

Asthma is the most common chronic condition of childhood. Although there is a hereditary predisposition to the condition, environmental factors, in most cases, play the major role in bringing on an asthma attack. The attacks tend to be quite frequent in winter due to prevalence of common cold viruses. The winter cold air could also be a trigger.

Childhood asthma is curable through homoeopathy but it demands a lot of patience both from the parents and the homoeopath. How heart-rending it is to see little toddlers gasp for air, with blue face and blue circles around their eyes, their head drenched in perspiration, nose fluent and unproductive cough with wheezing not letting them to sit in one position. But, soon, under homoeopathy, the child becomes his old-self once again.

Homoeopathy, by the grace of Allah, has won appreciation of a number of parents by helping their children out of asthma, permanently.

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