Homeopathy helped my performance in bed

I am a male of thirty-five years of age – married in last July. Performance in bed became a challenge for me from the first day – while I was totally unaware of sexual weakness. All I knew about men then was: they could either be potent or impotent and there was nothing in between. That is either you can have erections or you cannot. However, this kind of prejudicial thinking met a severe blow, when I came to know of terms, after seven months Continue reading →

Homeopathy helped my Oligo-asthenospermia

I had only 1 million per ml sperm count while normal is 40 million per ml. Of these, only 20% were normal forms and only 05% were motile. The condition according to doctors is called Oligo-asthenospermia and is more serious than oligospermia. It was against this backdrop that I consulted Dr. Fakir on the advice of a friend on January 9, 2017. I continued his treatment for one month and stopped the treatment as my wife was able to conceive. But she miscarried in March. Continue reading →

Vocal cord paralysis

A patient of Vocal cord paralysis (paresis) records his testimonial about the effectiveness of homeopathy and how it saved him from the knife of the surgeon. I am Ghulam Nabi from Hyderabad. I was suffering from left vocal cord problem with severe hoarse voice. I visited Aga Khan Hospital, Karachi. The ENT specialist ordered some tests which could not bring out any specific cause for the problem and I was advised voice therapy. Many sessions of voice therapy brought about very little improvement. Seeing no Continue reading →

Oligospermia Testimonial

Mr. G. M. is a lecturer with a government college. In January 2006, he placed himself under homoeopathic treatment for Oligospermia. In the following testimonial, he acknowledges, how homeopathy helped. In Pakistan, remaining childless for some years after marriage becomes a favourite topic among relatives. Starting with whispers, the din becomes louder with passing years and usually, it is the wife who is considered responsible for the situation. But in our case, my wife was okay. My tests showed, I had Oligospermia. Different laboratories showed Continue reading →

A fever of uncertain diagnosis – malaria, dengue, typhoid?

Testimonial of a grateful university student I, a 20 years old university student suffered from high fever that usually went up to 102 F.  Due to which I had to skip most of my classes with no proper solution. I consulted a lot of allopathic doctors and got 5 blood tests which included Malaria, SGPT, Dengue, Blood Count and Typhoid but no report showed any disease and the doctors themselves were confused about what could have happened. Being on a lot of antibiotics of 500 Continue reading →