Homeopathy helped my Oligo-asthenospermia

I had only 1 million per ml sperm count while normal is 40 million per ml. Of these, only 20% were normal forms and only 05% were motile. The condition according to doctors is called Oligo-asthenospermia and is more serious than oligospermia. It was against this backdrop that I consulted Dr. Fakir on the advice of a friend on January 9, 2017. I continued his treatment for one month and stopped the treatment as my wife was able to conceive. But she miscarried in March. Continue reading →

Why homoeopathy?

Homeopathy offers highly effective and safe health solutions for a wide range of diseases. Even some of those diseases for which no help is available with other systems of medicine can be effectively treated with homeopathy. Homeopathy also has a history of successfully treating a number of cases where surgery was imminent. Most of the people prefer homeopathy to other modes of treatment because the treatment Continue reading →

Who can benefit?

If you have a medical problem that has so far defied all treatments or disappears temporarily while taking medicines and recurs as soon as the medicines are stopped, homoeopathy might help you get rid of it as it did Mr. Mushtaq of Karachi of his recurring tonsillitis or Mr. Ashraf Azeem, an engineer of Karachi, of a recurring cyst. Continue reading →