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Who can benefit?

If you have a medical problem that has so far defied all treatments or disappears temporarily while taking medicines and recurs as soon as the medicines are stopped, homoeopathy might help you get rid of it as it did Mr. Mushtaq of Karachi of his recurring tonsillitis or Mr. Ashraf Azeem, an engineer of Karachi, of a recurring cyst. Continue reading →

Why this website?

Homoeopathy is misrepresented and misunderstood in Pakistan. Misleading advertisements through the print and electronic media by some money-hungry homoeopaths claiming to have a cure for every disease have distorted its true face. Lately, some homoeopathic pharmaceutical companies have also joined the advertisement galore and the latest trend among them to market and promote their products through false claims has made the situation even worse. Added to this are the myths, notions and misconceptions about the effectiveness and practice of homoeopathy, obscuring its true potential. Continue reading →

Looking for a good homoeopath?

Before choosing a homoeopath Finding a good homoeopath is the first step towards regaining health. A wrong selection may delay your return to health. It may even make your problems worse. Don’t be hasty in making a choice. Ask your friends and relations; they might be able to recommend someone they personally know. If possible, visit his clinic and have a chat with his patients. Try to find answers to the following questions: Continue reading →

The difference between single and multi-ingredient medicines (mixtures)

A single remedy is a widely researched and studied remedy which before its use in the clinic has been extensively tested on healthy human volunteers (usually students of homeopathy and homeopathic physicians) for its effects. Single remedies used appropriately are 100% safe. Multi-ingredient medicines (also called mixtures and combinations) are a concoction of two or more single remedies usually in a low strength – Ø, 1X, 2X, 3X, 3C, 6C, etc. The problem with multi-ingredient medicines is that they contain homoeopathic ingredients but the method Continue reading →