Are combination numbers really effective?

I have used more than three bottles each of Combination NUMBERS of at least two local and four foreign homoeopathic manufacturing companies for my joint-pains but the complaint returns as soon as I stop these medicines. Shall I have to be on them for life?

No,  Inshah Allah. What you need to do is immediately stop these medicines and consult a competent homoeopath. He will give you a specific prescription most suited to your form of joint-pains.

It  seems pertinent to point out, why the medicines you took for so long gave just temporary relief! There are several remedies (more than 127) which specifically affect joints. You may need 1-3 or more SINGLE remedies at different times during the course of treatment under a competent homoeopath. To know which remedy (out of a long list of more than 127 remedies) would be more suitable for you would require a lot of information about YOU and your complaint(s) and an in-depth analysis of this information as in homoeopathy, each case of joint-pain, as of any other medical problem, needs to be individualized. Individualization is essential because each individual is different from the other and  suffers in his/her own unique way, therefore, each one requires a different set of remedies although the diagnosis may be the same such as arthritis, gout, etc.

Since the Combination NUMBERS (multi-ingredient medicines) are a GENERALIZED concoction of usually 4-8 or more medicines for a certain complaint ONLY e.g. arthritis, asthma, eczema, etc.,  they do not act deep enough to touch the right chords and fail to stimulate the immune system to produce a long lasting beneficial effect. Strictly speaking Combination NUMBERS are not prepared in accordance with the principles of homeopathic pharmacy as they contain several ingredients mixed in low strength while homoeopathy advocates use of just one remedy (not multi-ingredient medicines as in your case) at a time. Further, there is no dependable scientific study to support the claims about the efficacy and safety of Combination Numbers. While evidence suggests, they are not totally ineffective, they have all the potential to complicate a case by suppressing or masking the original symptoms of the disease. If not anything else, their use can delay the proper medical care. Also see: The difference between single homoeopathic remedies and multi-ingredient medicines.