About H. Dr. Ahmad Fakir Muhammad

A graduate in Homeopathic Medicine from the Pakistan Central Homeopathic Medical College, Karachi, Dr. Ahmad Fakir Muhammad brings in over 29 years’ experience in the application of homeopathic methodology and therapeutics to a wide array of complicated medical problems, that also includes 23 years of post qualification independent practice.

His years as a student saw him migrate from one homeopathic medical college to another in search of the best in homeopathy. His first year was with King Fahad Homeopathic Medical College, Karachi. The prescribed course of study included Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Pharmacy, Anatomy, Homeopathic Materia Medica and Homoeopathic Philosophy (Principles of Homeopathy). His second year was with St. John Homeopathic Medical College, Karachi. The course of study consisted of: Hygiene, Physiology, Homeopathic Materia Medica and Homeopathic Philosophy. The remaining two years were with Pakistan Central Homeopathic Medical College for Men. The prescribed course of studies had the following subjects: Pathology Part I & II, Psychology, Minor surgery, Comparative Materia Medica, Homeopathic Philosophy, Case-taking and Repertorization.

He has written on several subjects with main interest remaining focused on presenting homeopathy the way it is and not the way it is being depicted. The development and launching of this website is a step in that direction. The contents of the website not only reflect his thinking about how homeopathy should be approached and practiced but also his concern over the growing nihilism in the practice of homeopathy. Comparing his early writings such as “The Homeopathic System” and “Defending Homeopathy” (1991) to his more recent ones such as “Putting Homeopathic Education On the Right Track” (2001), one finds a common streak – the need to promote homeopathy along right lines in Pakistan – running through all his writings.

He is highly critical of the quasi-homeopaths and the homeopathic pharmaceutical companies who advertise their services and products through the print and electronic media with misleading claims to “cure” everything under the sun. According to Dr. Fakir, a true homeopath must know his limits and be able to clearly discern whether a case would improve under homeopathy or not. True to his words, wherever he feels, homeopathy may not benefit the patient; he makes it known to the patient or his/her relatives in a very kind way. When in doubt about the suitability of homeopathy in a certain case, he takes the patient into confidence, saying the second consultation would be useless if no change for better is noticed within a certain period.

His following words very aptly sum up his philosophy of homeopathic practice:

Being a good homeopath means understanding the problems of the patient and, more than that, feeling his pain and suffering with the burning desire to remove the same within the shortest possible time. One must never lose sight of the scope and limitations of homeopathy and should always be honest in his counseling with regards to the suitability of homeopathy in a given case. He should be able to unfailingly differentiate the cases to be helped by homeopathy from the cases where interventions other than homeopathy are called for and should be forthright in conveying his inability to be of help in cases falling outside the domain of homeopathy.”

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