A disappointing experience about homoeopathy!

Quite contrary to what others say about homoeopathy, I have had a disappointing experience.

A few months back, a Karachi-based homoeopathic doctor, who writes columns for evening newspapers and claims to be foreign qualified and suffixes a number of degrees after his name, advised a certain number, CH number or BP number (I do not remember now) for height growth and two or three other “numbers” for weight gain. I used these medicines for three months without any success. Are the medical columns appearing in newspapers just advertisement stuff?

You are right, these columns are meant for promotion of certain unhomoeopathic mixtures and combinations under the guise of “homoeopathic medicines”!  There is no room for mixtures or combinations in homoeopathy. Homoeopathy insists on administration of just one remedy (called single remedy) at a time. To learn how homoeopathy goes about treating a case, please see Patient-oriented approach in my piece, “What is different about homoeopathy”. Also see “What is the difference between single and multi-ingredient medicines?

It is time, the different NGOs working for rational use of medicine, chalked out a strategy to prevent such a big fraud. Our government should also wake up to the gravity of the situation.