What should I give to my son, Belladonna 30 or Bapatisia 30 for fever?

A few days back, my daughter, aged 7, and son, aged 9, caught fever. A local homoeopath prescribed Belladonna 30 for my daughter and Baptisia 30 for my son. Both made a quick recovery. Now my another son, aged 5, has caught fever. I wonder, whether I should give him Belladona 30 or Baptisia 30?

Homoeopathy has more than a hundred remedies for different varieties of fevers. Belladonna and Baptisia are two of them. In majority of the cases, where the onset is sudden, characterized by restlessness, heat, redness of the face, tossing about, anxiety, Belladonna and Baptisia (and also Aconite) often help but not all cases of fevers are covered by these three remedies. Without a full case, it is difficult to say whether your son needs Belladonna, Baptisia or some other remedy. Please consult your homoeopath. After taking the case in accordance with the requirements of homoeopathy, he will be able to prescribe a remedy most suited to your son’s symptoms. Please also see “What is different about homeopathy“.