The homoeopathic interview

Since homeopathy is a highly individualized treatment, focusing on the patient as a whole, the homoeopath would be interested not only in  your present illness but would also like to know about your personality characteristics and traits, your habits and moods, likes and dislikes or preferences for certain food items, your achievements and disappointments, your reaction to weather changes, to stressful situations, to warmth and cold, … the list is long. You will feel, he wants to know all about you – at times even to the extent of your routine in 24 hours. Well, such a deep probing may appear disturbing to you but it is essential in order to have a thorough understanding of YOU and your medical problems.

The first interview can last from 20 minutes to over an hour depending upon the nature of your disease and the skill and experience of the homoeopath.  During all this period, you will find him extremely attentive, listening, asking questions and taking notes of essential points. Once the interview (case-taking) is over, he will go over the notes and may ask you a few more questions to clarify some points. Then, after analyzing the data so gathered, he will write out a prescription, keeping in view your personal particulars and specific problems.

Some homoeopaths have a printed questionnaire. The patient is asked to provide detailed answers to the questions set out in the questionnaire to save time. The information provided by the patient is held in the strictest confidence.