Stone in kidney removed under homoeopathic treatment

Stone measuring 0.8 cm at right uretro-vesicular junction in a patient of 25 years

March 01, 2003 (088/03)

Calculus (stone) at right uretro-vesicular junction measuring about 0.8 cm. No pain, no burning in the urine. Experiences pain only when he drinks much.

Urine had slow stream. Urine D/R dated showed 8-10 pus cells and Specific Gravity was 1.025 which in a subsequent report improved.

An Ultrasound done after 15 days medication showed a slightly decreased size of the stone at 0.76 cm and the stone had moved to the vesico-urethral  junction from its earlier position of uretro-vesicular junction.


By the grace of Allah, the patient passed the stone at 11-30 today. He had pain since the morning – 4.30 a.m.  – pain was intense. He drank plenty of water and at last the stone was passed. This caused slight bleeding and burning. The patient visited today. No medicine. Advised to drink plenty of water.

Homoeopathy helped