Skin Allergy

I had skin allergy with raised levels of Monocytes, Leucocytes , Platelets and IgE in the blood. My skin would get suddenly reddened at different parts with unbearable heat and burning. No triggering factors were known except that Panadol and Dysprine caused red patches whenever taken. The complaint was worse during the summer, particularly if exposed to the sun heat. Normal anti-allergic medicines such as Atarax and Avil had stopped working.

A friend of my father advised to consult Dr. Fakir. Except for three early consultations during March and April of 2003, later visits were taken at long intervals whenever the allergy seemed to act up. My last visit to the doctor was in May 2006 and it is October 2008 now and since the last visit I have not had to make a visit to the doctor, Al-hamdolillah.

Gari Khata