Saved from being subjected to an unnecessary surgery!

The testimonial of Professor Badruz Zaman of the Federal Urdu University, Karachi, below, shows, how at times the orthodox medicine (Allopathy) could fail in properly diagnosing a case despite using modern diagnostic tools. On the other hand, how homoeopathy relying on the signs and symptoms of the patient as a guide to establishing a diagnosis can afford relief.

According to doctors, I had an enlarged prostate. After the medicines had failed to do any good, the urologist I had been consulting for sometime ordered a Prostatic Specific Antigen test and fixed a date for surgery.

I did not want to undergo surgery for a number of reasons. One was the post-operation complications including the inability to ejaculate. Secondly, my late father, who had had the same trouble years ago, had greatly improved under Pariera Brava, a homoeopathic medicine.  Although, Pariera did not help me but I was confident, homoeopathy could help me if I seriously pursued the treatment.

I had severe cutting and burning pain in the urethra. It was so terrible that even the thought of making urine would make me shudder. I would drink less to check the sudden urge and control frequent urination. Sleep was scanty and disturbed. I shudder even today to think of the agony I was undergoing then. The operation was just five days away when I consulted (Homeopathic) Dr. Ahmad Fakir Muhammad of Aram Bagh Road, Karachi. During the 20 or 25 minutes that I was with him, I found him quite understanding and attentive.

What followed the homoeopathic treatment was something I had not expected, thought or even imagined of. 30 hours after starting the treatment, I passed a stone and with that all the terrible symptoms disappeared as though I had never had them.

Did I have the stone in the prostate? Do the stones also form in the prostate gland? Or was it a kidney stone? If it was a kidney stone, why did it not show up in the ultrasound report?  There were several questions.

Instead of waiting for the scheduled appointment, I visited Dr. Fakir the very next day and put these questions to him. He replied with his usual calm, “Formation of stones within the prostate gland is possible but what you passed was in all probability a kidney stone”.

Surprised, I asked in somewhat a raised voice, “Was the medication you prescribed for the kidney stone?” “It affects the urinary system as well as the prostate gland”, he replied and picked up a book from the shelf. Turning the pages, he pointed to a paragraph, asking me to read for myself. Having eyeglasses not at hand, I requested him to do that for me. As he began to read, I found, every symptom that I had was there – burning and cutting pains, sudden urge and urinary frequency – everything.

Right then, it dawned upon me, why some unfortunate patients continue to suffer or even get worse after undergoing surgery. They are treated and operated upon for something they do not have! What would have happened if I had consented to a surgery that was not indicated? Homoeopathy saved me the agony of undergoing an unnecessary surgery and the disastrous consequences that would have followed it.

Professor Badruz Zaman
Federal Urdu University
City Campus

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