I frequently develop pimples over my face (specially cheek and chin area) which often get suppressed leaving a black mark over the face and internally forming cysts.

I wonder if you could help me heal this.
Jyoti, India

Dear Ms Jyoti,
Thank you for your interest in homoeopathy.
Homoeopathy can help you. In fact treating patients with pimples and acne is one of the areas of my interest. Only one medicine is prescribed and no topical applications are allowed.

You might know, homoeopathy takes an individualistic approach to every case; there are no disease-specifics. For more information on this, please check: http://www.homoeopathy.com.pk/different.htm

It is possible, you might find my procedure of dealing with such cases quite different from the ones you have hitherto been accustomed to. It will therefore be fine if you take a detailed tour of my website before proceeding further in the matter.

If you agree, I can e-mail you case-taking forms along with information on how to pay. Payment is to be made before e-mailing the case.

Ahmad Fakir Muhammad, Homoeopath