Online consultation

Online consultation with Dr. Fakir

Dr. Fakir provides online consultation to the patients who do not have access to good homeopathic care in their area.

If you are new to homeopathy, Dr. Fakir’s approach may seem weird to you but those who have consulted him in the past highly appreciate his painstaking approach.

Since an online consultation is quite different from a consultation in the clinic, this requires a different approach to getting information about the patient and his/her problems. Dr. Fakir uses a (general) case-submission form (CSF) for the purpose. Patients are asked to provide as much information as they can about their medical problems and personality traits and return the CSF by e-mail. More specific questions are framed and asked after a perusal of the returned (filled-up) CSF.

What does Dr. Fakir do with the information you send to him through the filled-up CSF?

  1. He carefully goes over your filled-up CSF, marking the points that need further clarification.
  2. An e-mail is sent to you, seeking clarifications of the marked points.
  3. After your reply, an initial analysis of the case is made and the most prominent remedies relating to the case are noted down for further analysis and comparison.
  4. After the initial analysis, if felt necessary, you will be asked a few more questions.
  5. If necessary a constitutional screening questionnaire will be e-mailed to you to get a better understanding of your case.
  6. After step No. 4 and/or 5, the case will be summarized and a round-up of the case shared with you to confirm that all your problems have been covered in the round-up .
  7. If you feel, something important has been left out or you had forgotten to mention something in your previous e-mails, you can add the same at this stage.
  8. Throughout the whole process, you are encouraged to add any information that you feel might be of help and had not been shared earlier, for whatever reason.
  9. Even after the above steps, if felt necessary, a time for a chat through Messenger or a telephone call is fixed at a mutually agreed time.
  10. After that a final analysis of the case is carried out and your prescription is e-mailed to you with detailed instructions on dosage, diet, dos and donts and related matters. For more info, please see a specimen case taken online.

Please see specimen cases: