Homeopathy helped my Oligo-asthenospermia

I had only 1 million per ml sperm count while normal is 40 million per ml. Of these, only 20% were normal forms and only 05% were motile. The condition according to doctors is called Oligo-asthenospermia and is more serious than oligospermia.

It was against this backdrop that I consulted Dr. Fakir on the advice of a friend on January 9, 2017.

I continued his treatment for one month and stopped the treatment as my wife was able to conceive. But she miscarried in March. So I again started Dr. Fakir’s homoeopathic treatment with effect from April 11, 2017.

The progress, this time around, had not been as dramatic as was the case after the first two visits a year ago.

However, there was gradual improvement. Semen analysis reports were regularly done on a monthly basis. The sperm count increased and times decreased but the quality of sperms, including motility and morphology, kept on steadily improving.

I continued Dr. Fakir’s treatment until January 25, 2018. and regularly had semen analysis reports on a monthly basis. The last report showed the count at 55 million per ml. That is above normal. The treatment has been discontinued.

My wife is under the treatment of a gynaecologist. Once her gynae problems are resolved, I will have another semen analysis report and if need for further treatment is felt, it will be resumed.

Irfan Siddiqui
Dated: 29-01-2018