Oligospermia and PCOS (Ploycystic ovaries syndrome)

Information relating to the patient and his spouse such as name, age, profession, etc, has been withheld as the patient/writer does not want to be identified

I want to share my experience of homoeopathy with the visitors of Dr. Fakir’s website in appreciation of the keen interest he showed in treating my and my wife’s cases and to encourage childless couples to try homoeopathy instead of seeking highly expensive but less result-oriented methods of male and female infertility.

I got married about three years ago. After one year when my wife was not able to conceive, we visited a top gynecologist. After different tests, my wife was diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and I was diagnosed with Oligospermia (low sperm count). I had a count of 8 million (minimum count of 20 million per ejaculate is considered to be normal according to the current medical knowledge).

Our allopathic treatment started. My wife was treated with a course of pills for PCOS & to revert her cycles on time. Regular ultrasounds were done to observe condition of follicles produced. I was referred to a top (again top!) urologist who in the very first visit told me that there was no definite cure for low sperm count and suggested some expensive (very expensive) food supplements and pills which according to him might help increase the sperm count.

For next six months I took the medicines and food supplements but my sperm count remained the same. Meanwhile, my wife’s test improved after the 4th month of medicine but since my count didn’t improve, there was no result. I was suggested for a varicose operation (but with no surety of improving count). On the other hand, as soon as my wife stopped taking the medicine, she was back to her old problem. As the last option we were offered IVF treatment or test tube baby.

That was when I decided to try alternative medicine. I started to search some reliable doctor but couldn’t find one. Keeping in view the nature of problem, it was also difficult to ask anyone for help. One day while searching on internet about homeopathic doctors in Karachi, I found Dr. Ahmad Fakir Muhammad’s website and decided to visit him. On my first visit he told me that there is a cure for low sperm count but it will take some time and the patient must remain consistent. I decided to remain positive and try homeopathy. So, Dr. Fakir started to treat me. He gave me his full attention and after one long sitting he prescribed me some medicines…. Cutting the long story short …. After six months my test showed a count of 23 million (from 8 million) and within a year, it was at 62 million of count.

Considering allopathic doctors advice, this was un-believable. I decided to address my wife’s problem by Dr. Fakir’s treatment. After collecting her detailed history through a questionnaire (without meeting her in person), he prescribed a homoeopathic medicine. To cut it short, Allahmdolillah, my wife was able to conceive during the 5th month of starting homoeopathic treatment. March 17, 2008

Notes by Dr. Fakir: 1. Some months later, an SMS from the patient informed, “Allah Tala has blessed us today with a baby boy; both mother and son are ok.”

2. After a gap of several years, the patient visited the clinic on August 3, 2015 to consult about the recurring tonsillitis of his children. The couple had had two more children in addition to the one referred to above. This note has been added to show that most cases of male and female infertility once cured do not need any treatment to have second or third pregnancy. In some instances, however, the husbands have been observed to develop the same problem after the birth of the first child.  

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