Motor Neuron Disease

MND or motor neuron disease is a chronic disease of motor neurons which are responsible for carrying messages from the brain along the spinal cord to the muscles of the body. For unknown cause, the nerves of the brain and the spinal cord begin to die, disconnecting the communication channel between the brain and the particular part of the body they communicate with as a result, that particular part first becomes paralysed and later begins to waste away.

Symptoms vary from condition to condition. Some of the common symptoms are weakness, tightness and spasms, wasting of muscles, general fatigue, etc. Usually hands, legs or arms are the first to be affected. Muscle weakness causes difficulties with performing tasks like undoing a bottle top or holding heavy objects, or with walking or climbing stairs. At some stage, there can be problems with swallowing and speech. The symptoms are usually progressive – so that wasting or weakness first seen in one part of the body will spread to other parts with time.

First thing to do in case of your mother is to prevent development of bed-sores – something quite common in bed-ridden patients. A nurse can take care of her hygienic needs. Twice a day (forenoon and night) session with a physiotherapist in conjunction with homoeopathic treatment may help in slowing down the progress of the disease and, possibly, reversing the damage. MNDs do not usually offer a good prognosis and homoeopathy can just provide symptomatic relief as and when needed and that should be under the personal care and vigilance of a good LOCAL homoeopath. Consultation through e-mail is certainly not an option in such cases.