My name is Sadiq Ali Hamdani. I am a supplier of allopathic medicines.  I was having a skin problem i.e. some small white spots had appeared on shoulders, arms and hands for which I consulted a skin specialist allopathic doctor who prescribed me medicine, some cream and ointment to apply on the affected parts. Applying cream and ointment on such a large area was a real problem. Anyway, I did that regularly for a whole month but there was no result.  That was very frustrating and I did not visit the skin specialist for second consultation and stopped the treatment.

One of my friends had remained under the treatment of Homeopathic Dr. Ahmad Fakir Muhammad and spoke very highly of his skills in homoeopathic system of medicine. On his advice, I consulted Dr. Ahmad Fakir. He gave me a patient hearing, examining my skin and asking questions about the diseases I had in the past and the diseases that ran in my family. He gave me some powders and asked to visit after a week. There was no result. He changed the medicine on next visit. After four or five days, I noticed, the white spots at some areas had become a bit lighter. The improvement  soon extended to other areas and continued uninterrupted till all the spots had totally disappeared. It took about 1½ months or a little more  or less.

Sadiq Ali Hamdani