Homoeopathy helped my Sciatica

A young business executive records his testimony about the effectiveness of homoeopathy in sciatica.

I had pain in my left leg, from the hip to the ankle.  Riding a bike or sitting long in one position would cause stiffness and so severe a pain that it would interfere with normal walking, causing a limp for a few minutes. Coming out of bed in the morning was a testing time as the pain was very severe at that time.

At that time, I was a student of MBA at the Iqra University, Karachi, and was also working with a private company.  All this involved a daily hectic and stressful activity. The pain was a real impediment, affecting the pace of my daily routine.

I had consulted several MBBS doctors. They gave it different names – sciatica, spondylosis and what not – advising physiotherapy side by side with the usual medication. One or two of them painted quite a grievous picture, saying I might have to undergo spinal surgery if the usual treatment did not help. That was quite frightening.

After the usual treatment had failed, I decided to give homoeopathy a try and consulted (Homeopathic) Dr. Ahmad Fakir Muhammad who diagnosed it as Sciatica, saying it results from nerve compression or entrapment at a particular point of the spine and that I would get well, Inshah Allah. Kind and reassuring words – something that I had longed to hear – but never did – during my encounters with the previously consulted doctors. That was in July 2002.

Several ups and downs came during the course of homoeopathic treatment – the pain improving, improvement stopping, the pain getting worse and the improvement beginning once again. That was for the initial month. Afterwards, the improvement was steady so that in September 2002 I was totally pain-free!

There was a slight recurrence in August 2003 that disappeared within a week and until now (February, 2005), I have not had the complaint. May Allah continue to have His KARAM on Dr. Fakir  and may there be no recurrence. Amen!

Naeem Godil