Homeopathic doctors in Karachi

According to modest estimates, the number of homeopathic doctors in Karachi is well over 10,000. However, the latest National Council for Homeopathy certified list (as of May 2012) puts the number of homeopathic doctors in Karachi at 1,500.

The idea of this page is not to provide names and addresses of the homeopathic doctors but to give you awareness about the qualities, a good homeopathic doctor should possess. Please follow the links given below one by one to have an idea what you should look for in a good homeopathic physician. The criteria applies not only to the homeopathic doctors in Karachi but in other parts of the country as well:

How to select a homeopathic doctor?
How can I know that a homeopathic doctor is competent?
Taking an informed approach to homoeopathy
The black sheep among the ranks of homeopathic doctors