Homeopathic therapeutics for kidney related problems

Homeopathy has effective medicines for conditions ranging from stones in the kidneys (renal calculi) to renal insufficiency. In the lines that follow, some commonly-met kidney related problems and the number of homeopathic remedies indicated in such conditions are given to show the vastness of homeopathic therapeutics in renal problems.

Nephritis (inflammation of kidneys) (133 remedies)
Bleeding (haematuria) (174 remedies) (Complete)
Degeneration (35 remedies) (Complete)
Stones (64 remedies)
Pyelonephritis (143 remedies)
Suppression of urine (101 remedies)
Retention of urine (164 remedies)
Addison’s disease (43 remedies)
Hydronephrosis (8 remedies)
Brights disease (albuminous rephritis) (87 remedies)
Uraemia (34 remedies)
Renal insufficiency (Renal failure) 15 remedies
For renal colic (pain in the kidney), there are 353 remedies. Pains vary with regard to their nature and sensation. Most common types occurring in the kidney problems are: cutting, burning, drawing, throbbing, stitching, radiating, pressing, etc. Homeopathy differentiates these pains and due consideration is given to the type of pain in selecting a remedy for the patient.
In the following paragraph, types of pain and number of medicines indicated against each type are given.
Burning pain: 16 remedies
Cutting pain: 8 remedies
Drawing pain: 12 remedies
Radiating pain: 32 remedies
Pressing pain: 15 remedies
Stitching pain: 5 remedies
Throbbing pain: 5 remedies

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