Homeopathy helped my daughter with asthma

A mother records her testimony about the effectiveness of homoeopathy in childhood asthma.

How stressful is it to be the mother of an asthmatic child?  Caution has to be taken in matters of diet, clothing and other activities of the child.  A little negligence can bring back the frightening asthmatic attack, disturbing the whole family.  Seen against this backdrop, I take a sigh of relief and bow down my head in all humility to Allah, the most Gracious, the most Merciful, as a gesture of thanksgiving for His infinite mercy as reflected through the gradually improving condition of my daughter under homoeopathic treatment of Dr. Ahmad Fakir Muhammad.

As I sit to compare the present state of my daughter with that existing six months or so back, I find a lot of change for better.  You can imagine my sense of relief.

In May 2002, when we started the homoeopathic treatment, attacks of asthma were quite frequent. The attacks usually started with a cold characterized by  dripping nose with sneezing in the morning, wheezing sound and fits of dry fatiguing cough which at times ended in vomiting with a temperature ranging between 102°F and 103°F. I do not know, it was allergy or viruses. Accompanying all this was a loss of appetite to be followed by appearance of blue circles under the eyes and a sunken look of the face. This would naturally make me rush to seek medical help to end up receiving the usual stuff i.e. a fever lowering mixture, a cough suppressant and Ventoline syrup.

I was fed-up with the situation and just did not know, how to save my daughter from the frightening fits of asthma. I had heard about the efficacy of homeopathy in such lingering cases but finding a good homoeopath is really a problem in Pakistan. My husband and I decided to visit Arambagh where several homoeopathic clinics are situated. After taking a round of the area and a critical view of the clinics, we decided to place our daughter under the treatment of Dr. Ahmad Fakir Muhammad and the decision by the grace of Allah proved to be right. The improvement has been slow but steady. The frightening asthmatic fits seem now to be the story of the past. She does get fits of cough and runny nose but they no more lead to asthma. The frequency of such episodes has also considerably decreased. The body temperature which used to shot up to 102°F-103°F, now rarely goes beyond 100°F during the infrequent episodes.

Homoeopathy is no doubt a great solace and blessing for the asthmatic children and their family.

Mrs. Nadeem