Empyema of gall-bladder

My mother has empyema of gall-bladder. According to the homeopath treating my mother, there are several remedies for empyema of other organs but there is no specific remedy for the empyema of gall-bladder. He has searched several repertories and even the Cara software. If you know of any such remedy, kindly let me know.
M. Nauman Afzal

In my view, search for specific remedies for “Empyema of gall-bladder” will bear no fruit. In homoeopathy disease name is just a nomenclature used for classification purposes and does not form a basis for selection of a remedy (For more details, please check: http://homoeopathy.com.pk/what-is-different-about-homoeopathy/ ). Any remedy that (a) influences septic process, (b) is gall-bladder specific, (c) covers most of the accompanying symptoms (such as fever, chill, nausea, prostration, etc) and (d) does not contradict particular and general modalities of the case can have a claim for being selected for “Empyema of gall-bladder”.

In your mother’s case, one of the following medicines can be considered in the given order: China, Lachesis, Bryonia, Calc carb, Lycopodium, Phosphorus, Nux vomica, etc.

A study of different repertories on the above lines will bring out more remedies which can also be considered.

Ahmad Fakir Muhammad, Homoeopath