Does homoeopathy work in ashtma?

Mr. Zulfiqar Ali is a journalist associated with a Sindhi Language Daily.

It worked in my case!

I had been on inhaled steroids for twelve years.  I had noticed with great concern that with passage of time the need for using the inhaler became more and more frequent. Of more concern to me, however, were the reports that linked constant use of steroids to a number of chronic

diseases like cataract, glaucoma, osteoporosis, diabetes, etc., apart from depressed functioning of the immune system. The assurance by the doctors that inhaled steroids had fewer side effects as compared to the ones caused by oral steroids did not help allay my concerns.

During my 12 years’ tryst with the inhaled steroids, I noticed that I quite easily caught infections, particularly of the upper respiratory tract. A slight indiscretion in food, exposure to dust or change of weather from cold to warm or vice versa would cause dry fatiguing cough, morning sneezing and dripping nose with nostrils getting alternately blocked, nocturnal wheezing and whistling with constricted throat. During the attacks, getting air down the throat and into the lungs was quite a struggle.  All this would cause breathing quite difficult with a choking sensation, necessitating increased resort to the inhaler and other drugs.

But that is history now, Alhamdolillah. During the seven months – from September 2006 to March 2007 – that I had been under Dr. Fakir’s treatment, there had been a constant improvement in my condition although I had not been a regular and visited him only as and when needed or in other words when I had a bad bout of the infection. Though I still get a little throat irritation and cough and have to use the inhaler once in a while but that does not lead to the kind of problem I had prior to September 2006.

With the increasing incidence of asthma in the country, there is a need to highlight the important role homoeopathy can play in helping patients with asthma.

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