Do homoeopaths recognize the findings of laboratory tests?

Yes, but they do not base their prescriptions on those findings alone. For example, in a case of urinary tract infection, the lab tests would identify the “responsible organism” and show to which antibiotics it is resistant and to which it is sensitive. At this point, the allopath would start the treatment but a homoeopath would proceed to seek more information (For details, please see, What is different? and About homoeopathy) to select a remedy most suited to that particular case as homeopathy does not consider the organisms to be the root cause of disease. We get infected only when our defence system fails to show a resistance strong enough to ward off the effects of these organisms. The presence of organisms is, therefore, just an exciting cause, not the primary cause. The object of homoeopathic treatment is not to kill the organism but to put the system in proper order so that it no longer serves as a host to it or provides a breeding or thriving ground for its multiplication.