Chronic tonsillitis and recurring chest congestions

Mr. Mushtaq Ahmed gives an interesting account of how he was saved from tonsillectomy and how his son got rid of the ill-effects of badly treated pneumonia under homoeopathic treatment.

My name is Mushtaq Ahmed. I am holding job as an Assistant Engineer Electrical in Government sector. I am about 40 years old. I had been a chronic patient of tonsillitis due to which my entire right side of the face, including the right ear, was affected. I had pain all the time. Eating and swallowing was at times a nightmare.

I had visited several renowned allopathic E.N.T. specialists. They would suggest antibiotics and anti-allergy medicines which would give relief for only a few days. With the passage of time, the attacks became more and more frequent. Finally I was referred for surgery in order to remove tonsils. Fortunately with the help of Almighty Allah, someone advised me to consult Dr. Ahmad Fakir Muhammad. He studied my case in detail and started my treatment. Al-Hamdullilah, his treatment brought me cure and today I am fit with the grace of Allah.

I would also like to take this opportunity to relate the case of my son, master Muhammad Abdul Qadeer who was born on 5th day of June, 2000. He was suffering from chest congestion since the very first day of his birth. He was aggressively treated with antibiotics for the congested chest and respiratory problems. He was also kept in incubator for some time. He soon got well but the problem recurred after sometime. And this then became a routine affair. Under strong allopathic drugs he would get well and after sometime a relapse would occur. The whole family had become disturbed over these recurring episodes. Several child specialists were consulted but none was able to provide a stable relief.

In the meantime, I had the chance to personally witness the medical acumen of Dr. Fakir and was very much impressed with his way of working. So, I decided to place Abdul Qadeer under his treatment.

As usual, he spent a good deal of time asking several questions with special reference to the circumstances of pregnancy and a brief medical history of my wife. The result with the grace of Almighty Allah was quick and marvelous. Within less than a month, Abdul Qadeer was relieved of the recurring chest congestions and respiratory problems.

I and my family are very thankful to Almighty Allah and pray for Dr. Ahmad Fakir’s long life to serve the humanity at his maximum.

Mushtaq Ahmed
#505, Sadaf Palace
157 Garden East