Chronic constipation

Many people do not take CONSTIPATION seriously. To them, it is a problem most people suffer from and one that comes and goes away intermittently and does not cause any harm to long-term health. They are seriously mistaken. Only those who suffer from it can realize the importance of regular bowel movements. Secondly, constipation could lead to many a serious disease.

I had been a chronic patient of constipation for more than three years and had all the troubles that come in its wake; hard and distended abdomen, burning anus, no stool except under laxatives, bloating, gases, etc.

My family is a strong believer in homoeopathy. Under advice from our family homoeopath, I had taken such medicines as Alumina, Bryonia, veratrum album, sulphur, etc., but they did not work in my case. I had a friend who worked as a salesman with a homoeopathic store at Aram Bagh, Karachi. He recommended that I should consult Dr. Ahmad Fakir Muhammad.

Dr. Fakir had a detailed interview and then I realized that true homoeopathy was quite different from the one we usually see in Pakistan. The treatment lasted quite for some months and now I have no constipation with regular bowel movements without any laxatives.

Mahmoodul Hasan
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