Can homoeopathy do something about the bed-wetting of my two sons?

Up to five years, bed-wetting is quite common. Even up to seven years, if the number of episodes is two or three per month, it should not be taken as a problem needing homoeopathic help. Boys seem to be more affected than the girls. Causes vary. It may be triggered by psychological trauma, such as the arrival of a baby, or by physical ailments, such as a kidney or bladder infection.

Whatever the cause, homoeopathy can help remove the problem usually within less than a fortnight. This condition should be treated homeopathically under the care of a professional. The multi-ingredient medicines freely available under the garb of homeopathy for this problem should be avoided as such medicines are not prepared according to the strict principles of homeopathic pharmacy and therefore have the potential to cause harm.

I append below my article – Bed-wetting in children and adults – to show homeopathy’s individualistic approach and effectiveness.

Bed-wetting in children and adults

Bed-wetting means “Passing of urine during sleep ”.

The problem is not confined to children alone. I have seen adults, as old as 21, with the problem. Most cases however have been observed in children aged between 7 and 12.

Bed-wetting in children, particularly girls, is an embarrassing problem for the whole family. There can be many reasons if a child over 7 continues to wet the bed. Notwithstanding the varying reasons, in most cases, the problem usually disappears within a week after starting on homeopathic treatment. Some cases, however, offer resistance and take 2-3 months before being resolved. In other instances, the problem resolves after one week’s medication but comes back after a month or so.

There are more than a hundred remedies for bed-wetting. In my experience, the following remedies are more often indicated than others: Sulphur, Calcium carbonicum, Tuberculinum, Sepia, Natrium muriaticum, Silicea, Pulsatilla, Thuja, Lycopodium, Phosphorus, Equisetum, Causticum, Kreosotum, Apis, Benzoicum acid, Cina, Teucrium and Baryta carb. Each remedy caters to the special circumstances and conditions in which the problem occurs as has been shown in the three cases below.

Case No. 1
Rizwan, 17 years, consulted on January 24, 2009 for bed-wetting which he had for a month.

Before developing the present complaint, he had a high fever for 15-20 days or so and remained hospitalized for five days. The blood test showed, red and white blood cells had become deficient. The present complaint appeared after treatment of fever which also included transfusion of one bottle of white blood cells and two bottles of red blood cells.

One episode every night – awakes him from the sleep. 4-5 acts of urination from morning till evening. Two acts in early part of night before going to bed. Quick urge, must rush for urine.

Based on his symptoms and etiology of the case, Homeopathic remedy Pulsatilla was prescribed. The complaint disappeared within a week. But the patient again contracted high fever in September/October 2010. This time he did not need a blood transfusion or hospitalization but the urinary problem came back after the treatment of fever.

This time, too, Pulsatilla helped the case.

The patient keeps well and has referred many patients.

Case No. 2
MR, 13 years, consulted on June 27, 2011
Enuresis for the past several years – wets bed every night and bed-wetting does not disturb his sleep. The condition remains all the same both in winter and summer.

Eats dinner two hours before going to bed. Both nostrils are open. Stool on alternate days. Drinking cold water affects throat. Has a black birth mark left neck of the size of an old Athani
Two weeks’ medication removed his trouble.

The remedy in this case was Sulphur.

Case No. 3
Mr. ZM, 21 years, consulted on November 27, 2014 and the following was noted:
The patient belonged to a poor family of a poor locality and had had the problem since childhood. Is a fair-skinned young man of medium physique and height. Married for three weeks at the time of the visit and was concerned about his problem as his wife also noted one night that he had passed urine involuntarily in sleep
In addition to the problem, the patient had constipation and left-sided nasal polyp and his nostrils were semi-blocked. He drank plenty with thirst.

The allopathic physician he consulted prescribed Tofranil 25 mg at night and he did not wet bed as long as he took the medicine but on stopping the medicine, the problem came back.

During a period of 11 months (November 27, 2014 – October 29, 2015), there were four visits from the patient and according to the last word from him, he was quite well and free from the problem.

The remedy in this case was Calcium carbonicum (and also Causticum on one of the visits).

The patient continues to be well.