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Oligospermia Testimonial

Mr. G. M. is a lecturer with a government college. In January 2006, he placed himself under homoeopathic treatment for Oligospermia. In the following testimonial, he acknowledges, how homeopathy helped. In Pakistan, remaining childless for some years after marriage becomes a favourite topic among relatives. Starting with whispers, the din becomes louder with passing years and usually, it is the wife who is considered responsible for the situation. But in our case, my wife was okay. My tests showed, I had Oligospermia. Different laboratories showed Continue reading →

A fever of uncertain diagnosis – malaria, dengue, typhoid?

Testimonial of a grateful university student I, a 20 years old university student suffered from high fever that usually went up to 102 F.  Due to which I had to skip most of my classes with no proper solution. I consulted a lot of allopathic doctors and got 5 blood tests which included Malaria, SGPT, Dengue, Blood Count and Typhoid but no report showed any disease and the doctors themselves were confused about what could have happened. Being on a lot of antibiotics of 500 Continue reading →

Are curative effects of homoeopathy due to placebo?

Professor Atta-ur-Rahman has written about homoeopathy in his column “The Wondrous World of Science” of March 6, 2011. Quoting reports and statements, he has tried to show that homoeopathy lacks scientific proof of its effectiveness and that any benefits of homoeopathy are due to the placebo effect or the natural tendency of the body to heal itself over time. On the face of it, his claims sound forceful and convincing but a deeper analysis in the light of recent scientific developments does not support them Continue reading →

Guidelines for submitting a case for homoeopathic evaluation and prescription

Describe all your present complaints (including those which you think to be totally unimportant or unrelated) in order of troublesomeness i.e. first the most troublesome ones, then others. If there is any problem expressing yourself in English, use Roman Urdu. As far as possible, try to provide the following details about each complaint with date of its start, if possible: Continue reading →

Why homoeopathy?

Homeopathy offers highly effective and safe health solutions for a wide range of diseases. Even some of those diseases for which no help is available with other systems of medicine can be effectively treated with homeopathy. Homeopathy also has a history of successfully treating a number of cases where surgery was imminent. Most of the people prefer homeopathy to other modes of treatment because the treatment Continue reading →