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Homeopathy helped my performance in bed

I am a male of thirty-five years of age – married in last July. Performance in bed became a challenge for me from the first day – while I was totally unaware of sexual weakness. All I knew about men then was: they could either be potent or impotent and there was nothing in between. That is either you can have erections or you cannot. However, this kind of prejudicial thinking met a severe blow, when I came to know of terms, after seven months Continue reading →

Homeopathic medicines for kidney stones

In one of my previous write-ups, I gave some cases to show effectiveness of homeopathy in kidney related medical problems. In the present one, I give below a synopsis of indications of some of the leading homeopathic medicines for kidney stones and the symptoms arising from their presence. Apis mellifica Apis mellifica is one of the leading remedies for treating kidney stones (renal calculus) and the symptoms associated with kidney stones. Among its characteristics are – burning and soreness when urinating. With some individuals having Continue reading →

Homeopathic therapeutics for kidney related problems

Homeopathy has effective medicines for conditions ranging from stones in the kidneys (renal calculi) to renal insufficiency. In the lines that follow, some commonly-met kidney related problems and the number of homeopathic remedies indicated in such conditions are given to show the vastness of homeopathic therapeutics in renal problems. Nephritis (inflammation of kidneys) (133 remedies) Bleeding (haematuria) (174 remedies) (Complete) Degeneration (35 remedies) (Complete) Stones (64 remedies) Pyelonephritis (143 remedies) Suppression of urine (101 remedies) Retention of urine (164 remedies) Addison’s disease (43 remedies) Hydronephrosis Continue reading →

Homeopathy helped my Oligo-asthenospermia

I had only 1 million per ml sperm count while normal is 40 million per ml. Of these, only 20% were normal forms and only 05% were motile. The condition according to doctors is called Oligo-asthenospermia and is more serious than oligospermia. It was against this backdrop that I consulted Dr. Fakir on the advice of a friend on January 9, 2017. I continued his treatment for one month and stopped the treatment as my wife was able to conceive. But she miscarried in March. Continue reading →

Homeopathy in kidney related disorders

One area where homeopathy should be given acknowledgement and recognition by the government in general and the medical profession in particular relates to the diseases of the kidneys. Homeopathy can help avoid surgeries and other mechanical methods of treatment. Even in advanced cases of renal insufficiency, homeopathy can help reduce the frequency of dialysis. Resort to surgery and other mechanical methods in treating kidney problems is quite common in Pakistan. This is not to deny the importance of surgery and other methods such as URS, Continue reading →

Vocal cord paralysis

A patient of Vocal cord paralysis (paresis) records his testimonial about the effectiveness of homeopathy and how it saved him from the knife of the surgeon. I am Ghulam Nabi from Hyderabad. I was suffering from left vocal cord problem with severe hoarse voice. I visited Aga Khan Hospital, Karachi. The ENT specialist ordered some tests which could not bring out any specific cause for the problem and I was advised voice therapy. Many sessions of voice therapy brought about very little improvement. Seeing no Continue reading →