A recurring boil cured under homoeopathy

About six years back, a boil erupted near my tail bone and refused to go away. Every few days puss and blood would start oozing out to my extreme discomfort. Unable to get a cure from general practitioners, I went to a skin specialist. With his heavy dose of antibiotics, the boil finally subsided but after about one year, it again reappeared at the very same spot. I visited the same skin specialist, who at first suggested that it needed direct injection of antibiotics to subdue it, but with no guarantee that it would not reappear once again. His other suggestion was that since the boil had made a track, it needed a minor operation. Call me a coward, if you will, but I have always had an aversion to getting under a surgeon’s knife. I therefore started scouting around for alternate remedies to my malady, Hikmat and Homoeopathy, being two of them. Fortunately, I ran into an old acquaintance who suggested consulting Dr. Ahmad Fakir Muhammad.

The initial interview took almost one whole hour in which my whole medical history as well as that of my family was discussed with him. The end result was two small powder doses; one in the night and other in the morning. After consuming the two doses, I called up the doctor to ask if his dispenser had made a mistake and given me the medicine for only one day. His answer: these two doses of medicines are Inshallah sufficient for one whole month and that my case would be reassessed after one month. (IN HOMOEOPATHY LESS IS MORE).

Very soon I could make out that the medicine had started taking effect as after sometime the boil did try to erupt, but this time with a lesser intensity. It genuinely appeared that the medicine had taken its effect and the long drawn interview of more than one hour was not in vain. After that the boil did try to erupt several times but every time with less intensity. Obviously, the infrequent homoeopathic doses received over a time of about one year had made the body’s defence system strong enough to cope with the boil and did not allow it to have a field day like the previous years. For the past one year, there has been no eruption.

It is my firm belief that it is Allah Who grants the cure for every ailment, but He does it through His SINCERE GOD FEARING SERVANTS, not greedy and rip-off con-artists. May ALLAH ALMIGHTY bless the good doctor AHMAD FAKIR MUHAMMAD for guiding me towards the complete cure of this ailment. Ameen.

Sajjad Hussain,

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